Whether you sell products, have a service to provide, or take donations to help the needy, you need a compelling call to action (CTA).
Depending on your line of business and the channels on which you advertise, you may need a variety of calls to action, targeted at encouraging engagement from a range of audiences and demographics.
Whether you're creating a television or radio ad, publishing a printed promotion, or running a series of social and digital ads, you need a strong, relevant, and personable call to action for your audiences to connect with, so they understand through that single sentence why your product or service may be right for them.
Major brands spend months of research and hundreds of thousands of pounds (dollars, rupees, or rubles), developing marketing messaging for individual campaigns and the promotion of a single product or service.
In some cases, it's the type of call to action that becomes a tagline and stays with them forever. In most cases, companies work, re-work, reuse, tweak, amend, adjust, and evolve their calls to action based on a multitude of factors, related to market trends, audience perception, seasonal periods, public moments, and so many others that if we write about them here, we'll end up changing the title of the article.
Here are a few quick-fire CTAs fused with some form of value proposition (something we'll write about shortly).

Do you sell eco-friendly, energy-saving lightbulbs?
"Save on energy bills today, pre-order glo-lite bulbs for your home today".

Does your business provide full valet car services?
"Book a deep body massage for your car, from £35."

Are you delivering heaters to refugees in Winter?
"Share the warmth this Winter, donate an indoor gas heater to a family in need".

Whether you want to increase engagement on your website or social channels or are developing a marketing campaign, you'll need CTAs.

Get in touch and see how we can work together to develop the right message for your audience to take action.

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